La cucina

Our à la carte menu is mostly devoted to fish dishes that best represent the maritime tradition of this hamlet on the sea, but one of our jewels is the recipe
that made Nerano famous in the world's culinary landscape:

“Spaghetti alla Nerano”.

What is the secret of this recipe? Every chef has his own but he does not reveal it to anyone.
You just have to try it in Nerano, at the Cantuccio Restaurant, to find out!

The gulf day fishing combined with the best fish products on the market is the main ingredient of most of our dishes.

The fish is prepared with love and mastery, not over handled to preserve taste and scent and used very fresh!

Thousands of recipes become delicious hot and cold appetizers, tasty first pasta dishes often accompanied by local tomatoes, the D.O.P. piennolo tomato, but also the San Marzano, and the second courses of absolute pleasure to enjoy while sipping a good glass of wine selected in our rich restaurant cellar.